When it comes to exceptional care for an older Mercedes-Benz, two things can make a big difference - service by expertly trained technicians at a participating dealership, and StarParts, a new line of parts specifically designed for Mercedes-Benz vehicles 5 years and older. See for yourself.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are quality parts you can trust. 
If you own a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you should never have to settle.. We put quality and craftsmanship into making your vehicle, so why wouldn't we do the same for its parts? You can rest assured knowing both new and remanufactured parts are built to last.


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Genuine parts don't only perform - they endure.
Quality resides in how well a part functions from its beginning, and how long it performs over time. Genuine Parts are engineered for your specific vehicle. They fit like no other parts can, they're engineered to work with the other parts and systems, and they´re made with the highest quality materials available.

Why Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts?
Using only Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts affords you measurable differences every mile you travel. 
Longevity, safety and warranty are just a few of many reasons to buy Genuine Parts.

Every detail engineered for endurance

Being history's first car company has afforded us the time and expertise to instill durability into our parts. For example, our fleece oil filter lasts up to 45% longer than conventional filters, minimizing engine wear.
Parts that leave hard knocks knocking elsewhere

Genuine Mercedes-Benz braking systems are built to integrate seamlessly with safety features like our Acceleration Skid Control, Antilock Braking System, Brake Assist, and Electronic Stability Program (ESP®), maximizing the ability of the parts and systems to work together and minimizing the risk of malfunction.
Coverage down to the last coil-spring.

Rest assured knowing Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts are fully covered by our Parts Limited Warranty for up to four years. This benefit comes on top of any prior warranty and/or prepaid maintenance plans.