How do I become an mbrace subscriber?
To subscribe to mbrace Connect, you must own a MY16 or later Mercedes-Benz equipped with mbrace hardware. For more information, stop by a Mercedes-Benz dealership for personal assistance.

How do I activate mbrace?
  • There are three options for activating your mbrace service:
  • Visit your local dealer to complete an mbrace subscriber agreement
  • Call the mbrace Response Center directly toll-free at (866) 990-9007 or
  • Push the i-Button in your vehicle

If the system has been activated, the mbrace service button will light up for 5-10 seconds after the ignition has been turned on. This indicates that the buttons are functional. They will soon turn off and then light up again with the next ignition cycle.

Do I need mbrace to have a Mercedes me account?
No. Mercedes me is free for everyone, regardless of your vehicle or mbrace account status. However, customers with mbrace Connect or mbrace Concierge will have access to additional features within Mercedes me.

Do you need my credit card to activate mbrace?
You do not have to provide a credit card to activate mbrace Connect, the standard package that includes a wide range of remote access features, remote diagnostic test and numerous Mercedes-Benz Internet-based applications. All eligible MY16 or later MBUSA vehicles include mbrace Connect service standard for five years.

Where is mbrace service available?
The service area coverage for vehicles sold and registered in the United States and Puerto Rico is limited to the 50 states, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. When traveling from the U.S. to Canada or Mexico with your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, services may be limited or unavailable.

How do I link my mbrace account to Mercedes me?
When registering with Mercedes me, you will be asked to link your vehicle to your mbrace account by providing your mbrace account number and your 4-digit mbrace PIN. If you've already created a Mercedes me account, select "Vehicles" from the main menu, scroll to the mbrace section, and click "Link mbrace Account."

What do I do if I forget my PIN?
You can reset your PIN (Personal Identification Number) by pressing the i-Button in the vehicle or by calling the mbrace Response Center toll-free at 866-990-9007. You will be required to provide some account information in order to verify your identity.

How does mbrace Concierge work?
The mbrace Concierge service provides an extra measure of luxury and convenience with personal assistance available at the touch of a button or a phone call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. mbrace Concierge allows you easy access to a broad range of personalized services. Requested services are fulfilled by a Concierge Specialist and billed directly to your credit card by the merchant involved in the transaction. The Concierge Specialist has access to your credit card on file and will verify your mbrace 4-digit PIN for security reasons.

What types of services are available through mbrace Concierge?
  • mbrace Concierge can provide a broad range of services including but not limited to:
  • Airline reservations and ticket purchase
  • Car rental reservations
  • Hotel recommendations, reservations and directions
  • Dining recommendations, reservations and directions
  • Movie and theater tickets and directions
  • Sporting event tickets and directions
  • Concert tickets and directions
  • Unique requests and gift purchases such as flowers, gift cards, etc.
  • Medical Help and Safety Support (e.g., locating a physician while on vacation or assistance in filling prescriptions)
  • Assistance gaining access to sought-after events and restaurants
  • Lost baggage assistance
  • Assistance wiring cash
  • Research and answer questions
  • Wake-up calls
  • Reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, and other events
  • Virtually anything that can be arranged over the phone or on the Internet

Is mbrace Concierge available to me 24/7?
Yes. mbrace Concierge services are available 24/7 through the i-Button in your Mercedes-Benz or through the Mercedes me mobile app on your iPhone or Android device. And, you don't have to be in your vehicle to use concierge services.