Announcing the availability of Ask Mercedes, a new App designed to educate customers in a unique and exciting way, using augmented reality! This app allows you to scan the interior of your vehicle with your iPhone, to discover feature clusters highlighted across the interior cabin. By selecting a cluster, you will be presented with the features contained in that area of the interior of the vehicle. Each feature will contain a short summary, a direct link to that feature's page in the online owner's manual, and a video explanation (if available). When not in the vehicle, you may select the feature you would like to learn more about, by reviewing the My Feature List.

 This App is being piloted in the United States supporting only 2018 E Class models (non-AMG variants). The goal of this pilot is to gauge the App's effectiveness in educating customers on the features of their vehicle. Note: the Ask Mercedes App is available only for iPhone 6 and above, operating IOs 10 and higher at this time. It can be downloaded from the App Store by searching for Ask Mercedes.